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Our Forte is in Piano Moving Services:
We pride ourselves on the safe transportation and relocation of all acoustic pianos. Regardless of the weight and size of your piano, we always take precautions to ensure the absolute safest moving services. Crating a piano regardless of its size or weight is one of the most important aspects in a safe move.

The quality of a piano crating is important to ensure the safety of your instrument, the safety of our workers, and eliminate damages to your floor and walls. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction. By sending a specialized team of piano movers we provide quality service and customer satisfaction.

We know that moving a piano is not a job for an amateur mover and understand the intrinsic value and memories that pianos hold.


 We Move All Types of Pianos:

  • Upright, Spinet, Console
  • Antique Piano
  • Ballroom Semi-Grand
  • Baby Grand
  • Grand Piano
  • Concert Grand
  • Square Grand
  • Petite Grand
  • Studio Piano
  • Player Piano
  • Acoustic Piano
  • Electric Piano


Success in any Piano Move:
Here at Moving of America, we believe that the fundamental success of a piano move is largely attributed to a complete piano relocation strategy. We designed a detailed system for estimating, planning and managing a piano moving project, which leads us to success and customer satisfaction. We have the resources and knowledge to move your instrument safely and securely:

  • We assign a dedicated relocation manager that will be well familiar with all the specific aspects and details of your move. Your single contact person will be available to you before, during and after the move.
  • We perform a personal survey with you or your representatives to make sure we have the required measurements and building requirements (Best access points, usage, size and time of elevators or stairway, trucks parking, loading and off loading areas and special restrictions).
  • We present you a pre-move-planning and coordinating your piano relocation from start to finish.
  • We assign the proper size and type of truck, drivers, movers, packers, equipment and materials.


Piano Storage:
With our new climate-controlled storage and warehouse facility, we provide complete protection for your piano. We understand pianos have sentimental value and are irreplaceable, especially those that have been in your family for a long time. Handling delicate pianos and other musical instruments is our specialty.


Climate Controlled Storage:
Humidity and temperature are two key factors taken into consideration when storing a piano. If the temperature is unattended cracking, tearing, and breakage can occur from wood expanding and contracting during extreme heat and cold temperatures. Dampness can ruin keys/electronics and heat can propagate mold and mildew.

According to piano manufacturer warranties, pianos should be placed away from temperature changing environments. Such sources include heat, ac vents, windows, radiators, fireplaces, kitchens, porch, etc.

To maintain stability, a piano must be placed in a dry cool environment. If not correctly stored and crated, moisture can seep into the nylon hanging inside the piano, causing serious damage.

We ensure that you never face these situations by providing climate controlled storage units all year round. The temperature is maintained at proper levels to minimize the aging wood, and the protection of ivory keys, keeping your piano in the same conditions it was stored in.

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