Tips for moving with kids:
According to the United States Census Bureau one in five families move to a new home. Moving with young ones is not an easy task. Through the experience of the movers of Moving of America, we have compiled a list of tips that will help families with kids move into their new home at ease.

Have a family meeting:
Sit down with your loved ones and inform them on the decision of the move. Make sure that your children express their concerns towards the move and help them understand that it is for the best of the family.

Take the children house hunting:
Even if you had already chosen a house, make sure to involve your kids in the house hunting process. This will allow them to feel more comfortable with the house that you do decide to move into. Also, take them to parks around the new house so they see how much fun the location can actually be.

Room arrangements:
Once you have decided on a new house, you can either let the kids pick their own rooms, or you can arrange the rooms for them. If you decide to arrange the rooms for them, let them know which room they are getting so there is no confusion on the move day.

Get rid of all the unnecessary items:
Inform the children that during the moving time, a lot of their things are not going to be moved. Encourage them to help you by compiling all the things they don’t use anymore to one section of their room. Once they’ve done this go over those items with them to make sure they actually don’t want them.

Moving Sale:
Take all the items that you have found around the house that are no use to you anymore, and have a moving sale on a nice weekend. This will benefit both others and yourself.

During the packing process make sure that your children don’t pack away things that they would need day to day. You can pack each child a small suit case with some clothes in it and some of their favorite toys so they aren’t bored. In addition, make sure you label all the boxes with the content inside and the location of which they are going to in the new house. This saves time and energy when the movers unload the truck and when unpacking.

Provide them with alternate entertainment:
This tip is the most important one. You want to make sure that the kids have some sort of entertainment during the move day when the movers are there. You do not want them to be running around the house endangering both themselves and the movers. In addition to this, this will allow the movers to work more efficiently since there are no children running around.

Host a moving party:
Invite all of your friends and your children’s friends for a moving away party. Let all the friends know of the new house location so that they can come and visit you.

Be a tourist:
Once you’ve moved into the new house, take the kids for a ride around the town so everyone will know where the local stores are, and the parks.

Keep the moving boxes after the move:
Moving boxes could be really fun when you are younger, you can make forts and even tunnels out of them! This will keep the children entertained for hours while you sit back and enjoy your new home.

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