How to prepare for a relocation to North Carolina

Relocation is a complicated process and consists of many steps. The success of your relocation greatly depends on how well you prepare. So, in order to properly prepare for relocation to North Carolina, you need to start preparing as soon as possible. You need to find a quality moving company, arrange the moving date with them, prepare your belongings and much more. And the sooner you start the more time you will have to complete everything. And in order to help you, here are a few common things that you need to do to properly prepare for your upcoming relocation. Continue reading “How to prepare for a relocation to North Carolina”

Low-budget storage hacks to explore

Storing happens to be one of the biggest moving troubles, don’t you think? You can’t always transport your entire household in a single day, can you? Sometimes it takes longer to relocate than anticipated due to unforeseeable situations. As you’ve sold your house, you need a place to keep your possessions until you can actually move, right? Consequently, it comes as no surprise people opt for private storage considering it the most useful solution. And the most expensive one. They provide you with enough space to store your belongings. In addition, the moving company guarantees your possessions will remain intact by the time you deal with all the moving-related problems you might have come across. A crucial fact, however, is to store your items without it costing an arm and a leg. For that reason, here are low-budget storage hacks to explore when moving. Continue reading “Low-budget storage hacks to explore”

Best cities for millennials in NJ

In our world, we are learning new words like millennials. A lot of people are not actually sure what this means and who can call themselves millennials. Well, individuals born between 1982 and 2004 are the ones that can actually be called millennials. And according to a lot of research, they are very specific. They prefer living in cities rather than small quiet towns. They like the active lifestyle. Millennials are seeking a fast-paced, diverse and urban life with access to bars, restaurants, clubs. And that is why they choose to live in some of the best cities for millennials in NJ. NJ is very active and diverse, and millennials are attracted to many cities in NJ. Continue reading “Best cities for millennials in NJ”

Things you shouldn’t bring when moving

When you start thinking about moving out, that is the moment when you should also start thinking about all the details regarding this relocation. When to move, what to pack, or what things you shouldn’t bring when moving? Should you hire movers or not? The list can go on, and it is understandable why so many people get headaches when these and many other issues arise. Besides, you will need both mental and physical preparation for moving. Well, we’d like to help you to solve at least one of these dilemmas, and that’s the one regarding what items you should not pack when moving. Continue reading “Things you shouldn’t bring when moving”

Precautions for storing belongings in winter

Winter it a tricky weather season for many reasons, one of which is the safe state of your belongings. Hence, before you start searching for local movers New Jersey to help you relocate your valuables, you might want to consider how to best protect that property. And this requires storing belongings in winter in a safe and protected manner. So, today we explore some of the best ways to achieve this. We hope this will help your valuables survive the cold winter months. Continue reading “Precautions for storing belongings in winter”

Tips for keeping your home clean while moving

Moving can be a complex and difficult task to fulfill. This is why most people find it so stressful that they decide to turn to expert movers East Rutherford NJ. However, what most people fail to understand is just how messy moving can get. And this is not something you want to waste time on afterwards. But once again, Moving of America is here for you. We are here to provide you with the best tips for keeping your home clean while moving. Bear with us and save yourself time and energy that you would spend cleaning. Continue reading “Tips for keeping your home clean while moving”

How to pack liquids for moving?

“How am I supposed to get that bulky couch through the door and into the truck? It sure appeared less colossal back then. And, the kitchen, where does one even start? Are my plants going to make it?” These are all legitimate questions once you realize you’re way behind your packing schedule and the panic starts setting in. To ease your disquiet, here are some good news; as monumental as these tasks may appear (and they truly are), the vast majority of your worldly possessions will make it to your new destination, no matter how clumsily or inadequately you pack them. A few bumps here and there on the road can’t do them much harm. But, here’s the unexpected part  – if you are considering taking liquids with you, it might be the most elaborate and time-consuming thing you’re bound to experience during packing season. To ensure a successful (and SAFE!) transportation, here’s a guide on how to pack liquids for moving purposes. Continue reading “How to pack liquids for moving?”

Planning A Move This Summer – Tips You Should Abide By

When it comes to moving a house from one country to another, most people lay emphasis over the internal factors such as move related finances, fast approaching deadlines, general organization and finding the best international shipping company. Very few people think about the influential external factor – the perfect season for the residential move and how it will affect their decision-making process and the overall outcome of their moving adventure.

Best International Shipping Company New York

Summer is considered to be the most popular season for people to move, the movers can come across many pleasant and unpleasant surprises. Take a closer look at the top tips for moving in the summer and witness how a single smart summer moving choice of yours can tip the scales in your favor. Learn the best way to prepare for a summer move so that you benefit greatly from your ultimate decision to move during the peak moving season.

WHY SHOULD YOU MOVE IN THE SUMMER? There are an associated number of benefits with moving house in summer which cannot be easily disregarded. If you plan to schedule your move date somewhere during the summer season, or if you have already done that, do not regret your decision because of the:

  • Favorable Climatic Conditions: The weather is actually pleasant in summer for there is the lack of snow and ice. The sub-zero temperatures automatically turn your moving project a few degrees safer and more efficient than the cold months. However, the summer weather too can be rather unpredictable, heavy rain, extreme heat or even storms can occur anytime.
  • More Free Time: Majority of people spend their vacation days and remain away from work in the summer months, so you’ll have more time to organize and possibly even execute a house move. Also, moving in the summer means more friends or relatives willing to give you a hand.
  • School: Summer is considered to be the most opportune moment for families with children to move to a new city with minimum disruption of the academic year.

PLANNING IS EVERYTHING – Irrespective of which season you choose for the move, timely organization is the most important factor to consider. The fact is, if you desire a hassle-free summer move, then you have to plan and execute your steps carefully from Day 1 until the last day.

Make sure that the best international shipping company that you will hire is available during the time you are planning to move. The creation of a moving checklist is more than just a good idea for it plays the vital role in the success of your moving operation. If you have a moving timeline at your disposal, it will help you to:

  • organize each hour of each day you do packing during the peak moving season;
  • avoid the build-up of the notorious moving stress simply by assuring you that you’re right on schedule.
  • distribute your tasks in a way that makes perfect sense for you, and thus aid you in completing them one after the other without wasting any precious time.

WHAT’S YOUR BUDGET? Professional moving companies tend to levy more charges during the summer season. As a result, one should absolutely learn how to manage the finances as it might happen that where you were supposed to spend less, you will end up spending more or vice versa. And the best way to keep a check over it is to set a moving budget.

Have a rough estimation of just how much money you will need for your summer house move as it will not only get you mentally ready for what’s coming but will also alert you that you haven’t saved enough for the challenge ahead. And if that is the case, then you still have good options ahead of you:

  • consider resorting to non-professional assistance as far as packing and unpacking is concerned
  • look for various ways to further bring down the moving price quoted by your moving company
  • explore alternative funding options such as selling some of your items prior to the move.

YOU MUST CALL FOR HELP – In most of the relocation cases, moving a house is a stressful affair, in the summer month, it’s no exception. Moreover, moving during the peak season will present more challenging situations due to the increased expenses, tougher choices of trustworthy professionals, and possible scheduling problems.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to hire the services of the best international shipping company in New York, for they can make a big difference in the course of the entire move. Trained professionals will handle the difficult details of your summer move with an enviable speed, and most importantly – with an excellent level of safety both for your prized possessions and your property.

To execute a hassle free move, seek professional guidance and assistance from the experienced team of Moving of America – the best international shipping company in New York. Lastly, summer weather is notorious for changing too quickly, so make sure you keep a check.

Easy Ways To Survive Your Office Move in New York

Moving your business to a new location can be challenging. Hiring the best business mover in New York offering reliable moving services and being clear about the exact activities you need to perform are crucial for your success. That is why its highly recommended to seek help from a reliable and experienced commercial mover just like Moving of America to receive important advice from a team of experts.

moving companies NJ

1. CHOICE OF MOVERS – The most vital decision to take is to choose a professional business mover. Get at least three quotes from different moving companies. Keep in mind the majority of moving companies offer reliable residential moves and provide occasional commercial moving services. Moving of America in New York has successfully completed many commercial moves. The team of experts has knowledge of many local office buildings and their policies and requirements. Moving of America also provides on-site quotes, ensuring there are no “hidden surprises” after an estimate is given.

Moving your office might look like a difficult task to do, but once you have made a good plan and finalized the mover, all you need to do is to break down your plan in few simple steps for effective results:

  • START PLANNING EARLY: The earlier you begin your preparation, the better and smoother the moving process will be.
  • HAVE A REALISTIC APPROACH: Before implementing any business relocation plan, be clear about why you are moving your business. It would be better if you have clearer idea about whether or not you want to merge departments, hire more people or lower the rent of the new premises. All of these information would help you prepare the business moving plan.
  • PREPARE COMMERCIAL MOVING PLAN: Prepare business moving checklist that contains the tasks to be done, a deadline and any other special conditions that apply.
  • KNOW WHAT YOU WANT: Be ready with the answers to the key questions for your move – knowing precisely what you want will help you get it much more easily.
  • KEEP ALL THE RECEIPTS of the move – you may be able to deduct some of the expenses from your taxes.

2. MOVING PHYSICAL ITEMS – The storage units and the office furniture are usually too big and heavy, hence it becomes hard to handle them especially through doors and on stairways. If you move them yourself it might end in physical injuries or your landlord may levy penalties if floors and walls got damaged. Professional business movers like us have the right equipment, specialized items like door jamb protectors along with expert personnel to ensure that the furniture is moved safely.

However, sensitive equipment such as medical equipment, scientific equipment, air-conditioning equipment, scanners, printers, IT equipment, and many others needs to be well handled and carefully packed, loaded, unloaded and installed. Below are enlisted few things that need to be taken care of while shipping such sensitive equipment:

  • Organize and manage the work to be done
  • Look for one of the best business movers in New York, those who can handle
    the sensitive equipment with utmost care
  • Get a free non-obligation certificate and quote
  • Arrange the services that you want for your sensitive tools and
    electronics transportation

INSURANCE & VALUATION – Moving of America issues Certificate of Insurance to its clients free of cost. Most commercial buildings require Insurance Certificate prior to any work performed on the premises. We maintain a substantial amount of insurance for our client’s peace of mind. We provide three types of valuation coverage:

Option 1: Per Pound Per Article Basic Valuation Coverage: This type of evaluation is provided at no additional cost to our clients. In such type of valuation, if the item gets lost or damaged, the total amount that the client is liable to recover is $0.60 per pound per article.

Option 2: Additional Valuation Coverage: In such type of valuation, the client has to declare a  lump sum value for the entire shipment if he/she wishes to pay only the depreciated value of the damaged or lost items. This type of valuation is offered at an extra charge of $0.80 per $100 of declared value.

Option 3: Full Replacement Value Coverage: In this type of valuation, a third moving insurance company, offers full replacement value directly to our clients. This coverage option is more involved and needs to be obtained prior to the actual move date. It is much more like a comprehensive coverage than Valuation, and generally, offers more options such as deductible levels and higher coverage.

You are the expert in your business, business movers in New York are the experts in theirs. Let Moving of America make your office move a seamless, stress-free success.

Packing up an Office

Tips – Packing up Office

Here are a few important tips for packing up the office: take care of your electronics. Make a back up of all the data on your computer(s). Secure your equipment when packing it. It’s best to place computers, scanners, etc. in their original packing. If you don’t keep it ask the movers for appropriate office packing boxes.

Especially protect the computer screen. Use a lot of packing paper and bubble wrap to secure your office equipment. With enough office packing supplies your electronics will be safe. If there is any space left in the boxes with heavy items you can use some smaller lighter things that are unbreakable to fill in the empty spaces left inside.

Office Moving Packing Tips

In the end of the office moving packing tips in this article remember to prepare some change of address cards or send out e-mails to notify colleagues and customers. Let everyone know you’re moving.

Remember to also explain to your customers if there will be a change in your regular way of work due to the moving and when is your regular regime of work going back so they can be prepared. Hopefully these tips for packing up the office will assist you well in your office relocation. If you have more ideas to share you can always do it like a comment below. If you liked this article please spare a second of your time to give it a g+ from the bar to the left – in this way more people will be able to get advantage of this free useful information.

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