Most common senior moving mistakes and solutions

Moving is a complex task. One that is very hard to do on your own. And when you add seniors to that equation it becomes even more complicated. Elderly are not as flexible as younger people. They tire easily and need more rest. And most importantly of all, they need a certain set of conditions to be met in order to have a happy life in their new home. So, if you are helping or moving a senior. Or even if you are a senior who is planning a move, make sure to avoid some of the most common senior moving mistakes. It will lead to faster and cheaper relocation. And a better quality of life for the seniors.

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Best cities for millennials in NJ

In our world, we are learning new words like millennials. A lot of people are not actually sure what this means and who can call themselves millennials. Well, individuals born between 1982 and 2004 are the ones that can actually be called millennials. And according to a lot of research, they are very specific. They prefer living in cities rather than small quiet towns. They like the active lifestyle. Millennials are seeking a fast-paced, diverse and urban life with access to bars, restaurants, clubs. And that is why they choose to live in some of the best cities for millennials in NJ. NJ is very active and diverse, and millennials are attracted to many cities in NJ. Continue reading “Best cities for millennials in NJ”

Reasons to move into a rental home

Homeownership is one of the ultimate goals for most people. Although many people in North America today have their own homes, this has not always been the case. Historically, families had to either build their own homes or rent housing from someone else. Although both renting and purchasing have their own financial advantages, rent seems to have an advantage when the economy is poor. This article will provide you with ten reasons why tenants may have a better financial deal than homeowners. And why you should consider hiring one of the military moving companies, if you or someone from your family is a member of the military and move into a rental home. Continue reading “Reasons to move into a rental home”

How to prepare your pet for moving

Pets are beings of routine. A happy pet has a regular eating schedule and naps whenever they want it. Moving house, however, disrupts their routine and can make them nervous and even aggressive. That’s why you need to do your best to prepare them for the moving process. Furthermore, you need to think about their documents, vet, etc. Don’t you worry – there are lots of details but we are here to help you. We prepared a simple guide on how to prepare your pet for moving, so it can be easy both for you and your pet. Continue reading “How to prepare your pet for moving”

Best NJ cities to start a business

New Jersey recently announced a $50 million fund to help entrepreneurs get started. This is just one aspect that makes moving to New Jersey to start a business a good idea. The state has a vibrant small business, which is emphasized by the investment of the group, which includes The acceleration fund will be based in Newark, at the headquarters of Audible’s successful audiobook. But business success can also be found in smaller cities and towns, as we discovered when looking for the best NJ cities to start a business. Continue reading “Best NJ cities to start a business”

Tips for packing your kitchen with ease

Of all the rooms that need to be packed before you hire movers Glen Rock NJ, the kitchen is the most difficult. In addition to a variety of things that need to be packed, many items have odd shape or fragile. Plus there is a huge amount of chances that even the most organized packers can fail. Going to the kitchen without a plan can be a serious mistake. But with some forethought and ingenuity, you can simplify the process of packing the kitchen and do it like a professional. Here are some tips on packing your kitchen without losing your sanity. Continue reading “Tips for packing your kitchen with ease”

Moving during the holidays – yes or no?

When it’s time to move your household, making it as carefree and enjoyable as possible is probably the first priority, regardless of whether you are moving long distances across the country or planning to move to another house across the street. One of the most important factors influencing how smoothly and properly your move goes is the time of your move, which includes the time of year when you plan to move. At Moving of America, we help clients navigate through all four seasons of the year, including moving during the holidays. Continue reading “Moving during the holidays – yes or no?”

Advantages of moving to suburban neighborhoods

Ten years ago, cities focused on revitalizing the central regions and increasing their viability. This made a lot of sense, given that the young millennials had few family responsibilities and wanted to be closer to the city center. Construction of apartments in the city center worked for cities during the recession, because the increase in housing options required a small investment in infrastructure. In addition, more people rented than bought because loans were harder to obtain. And this reduced moving to suburban neighborhoods. Continue reading “Advantages of moving to suburban neighborhoods”

Best NJ boroughs for seniors

When most people think of finishing their career, they immediately think of moving to Florida. But not everyone wants to spend their retirement in Sunshine State. Some of them want to stay close to friends and family, as well as in the beautiful state of New Jersey. Or hire movers Elmwood Park NJ and come to this state. But what are the best NJ boroughs for seniors? Well, there is only one place to find an answer – data.
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Suburban home vs. downtown apartment – which wins?

Suburban home vs. downtown apartment is an eternal debate for everyone who’s thinking about purchasing their first home or deciding to move out and start a new life elsewhere. And it is a pretty tough decision. Both options have pretty good arguments for and against. But that doesn’t seem to help those people decide easily. For that reason, we have decided to put these two contestants under the spotlight and question both their advantages and disadvantages. Hopefully, after all the rounds of questions, you will figure the best option for you which will help you mentally prepare for the upcoming move. Round one can begin. Shall we go?

Houses in a town
Where to choose to live?

The price of the properties

This is probably one of the biggest concerns for everyone who is processing the idea of buying a property. But in order to see who wins the round in the battle suburban home vs. downtown apartment, we would have to know more details such as:

  • The size of both properties
  • If the house comes with a backyard
  • Does the property come with some special features?
  • The amount of interest rates
  • How developed and economically stable the area is
  • Is the area at a high demand

There are, of course, other factors which can influence the price of the property. However, these are the ones that you should definitely look into carefully while you are weighing the chances of these two options. So what you could do is put everything on paper and consult your budget. Pay a visit to a bank and seek an advice from a consultant at a bank and see your options in terms of loans and your future payment obligations.

The close-knit community is often found in suburban areas

The level of security plays a big role when deciding where to settle. And that is why we encourage you to check out this aspect of home hunting before you sign any contract, especially if you are moving with your children. Usually, living in a suburb implies that you will be involved in a community with lots of neighbors. And more often than not, these types of communities tend to be very close which means that you will always have someone to turn to for help or anything else you might need.

Residential houses
Neighbors are usually close in suburban areas

Everyone to his own in downtown

In downtown buildings, it often turns out that neighbors are not so much closer to each other. And so, even if you choose to live in a downtown apartment in a large building, in case you don’t become friends with someone there, you might feel a bit isolated. On the other hand, this works perfectly fine for those who like a bit of a solitude, so it doesn’t have to be a downside at all.

The question of freedom in suburban home vs. downtown apartment duel

Those people who cherish and seek life without any limits usually opt for living in suburban areas. When living in houses, this gives you an opportunity to be a bit louder at night if you are organizing a party or to play an instrument late at night. On the contrary, something like this is not quite possible when living in an apartment building. The neighbors will knock on your door first thing if you exceed the limits of the house rules set in that building. Therefore, we can say that this round goes in favor of suburban homes. But if you still decide to move to an apartment in the city, make sure to learn about the house rules to become familiar with them, especially if you have a pet or smoke.

Get an idea of a life in a neighborhood

But if you decide on moving to a suburban home, it is also important to know what are the circumstances in that area. For instance, if you happen to be moving to New Jersey, then we suggest you take a day or two and ride through some of the neighborhoods. That will give you an insight and general impression of what a life might look like in those areas. Perhaps after doing it, you will a less hard time to make a decision.

The available space in a new home

It seems that in this round we also have to give an advantage to living in a suburban home. Nowadays, there are many people who move to the suburbs just to get more available square feet for less money even though that might mean that they will have to commute longer to their offices. If that’s your case too, then you might think about which NJ neighborhood would be the most convenient for you. Still, it would be great if you could find the one which is not too much far away from the office.

Even if you move into a smaller house, with time you will have a chance to upgrade it, remodel it, plus you’ll have an outdoor space which is something usually senior movers appreciate the most. Spending pleasant days, drinking a cup of coffee, or tea on the porch is something very priceless.

a house with a porch
Enjoy your day by taking a rest on the porch

The location

If we would make a poll asking people the reason for moving downtown, we bet that one of the main reasons would be the location. Being close to the center of events, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping malls, ect., is what makes the life in downtown very appealing for a lot of people. And logically, there are those who are ready to pay the price of the location. So the winner on suburban home vs. downtown apartment in this round goes to a centrally located apartment.

So, as you can see, if you take several parameters and try to draw some conclusions from the duel suburban home vs. downtown apartment, you will see that both have strong pros and cons. Now, it is only up to you to figure which one has the most advantages bases on your lifestyle and things you are looking for in your life.

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