Selling your stuff online – guidelines

Selling things online takes certain steps. If you play your cards right, your ad will look more attractive and will easily find its way to the new owners. Selling your stuff online can be an easy thing to if you follow our guideline – tips and tricks on how to make money from getting rid of your second-hand items. Continue reading “Selling your stuff online – guidelines”

Best NJ cities to start a business

New Jersey recently announced a $50 million fund to help entrepreneurs get started. This is just one aspect that makes moving to New Jersey to start a business a good idea. The state has a vibrant small business, which is emphasized by the investment of the group, which includes The acceleration fund will be based in Newark, at the headquarters of Audible’s successful audiobook. But business success can also be found in smaller cities and towns, as we discovered when looking for the best NJ cities to start a business. Continue reading “Best NJ cities to start a business”

Moving tips for military families

Nobody knows moving like military families. Yes, most of us have had the experience one way or the other, but military moving is something much more complex; it even has its own term – PCS  “permanent change of station”. Any living soul from a military family will tell you it’s no easy business. Why? Well, try moving every 2 and a half, 3 years. It surely gets the best of you after a couple of rounds. It takes stamina and nerves of steel to maneuver every moving process while remaining on top of things throughout. We’re here to give a helping hand by providing information and useful moving tips for military families. Continue reading “Moving tips for military families”

Healthcare options in NJ

We habitually tend to overlook and forget some of the most important things in life. It’s a natural occurrence, as the pace of modern times is somewhat merciless. Being financially stable, securing your job and providing for your family is more often than not all the way up there on the priority list. And, it’s only normal. Staying healthy, on the other hand, is something that slips our mind frequently. Having health insurance and taking care of ourselves should, without any excuse, be the number one priority on our list. Whether you have decided on moving to the U.S. or you’re just moving interstate, knowing your healthcare options in NJ could be a lifesaver! Continue reading “Healthcare options in NJ”

How to Transfer Utilities when moving

The process of moving has always been notoriously known for causing pandemonium in humans; a recurring image, probably since the first man and woman migrated from one plain to another – through their to-do list was somewhat shorter. (“Wait for me darling, let me just pack. Where’s my rock? Grab my fur. Now, lead the way.”) Today, however, moving is a much more complex endeavor. From having real estate agents on speed dial to hunting for moving supplies, personal storage, finding the right moving company, figuring out how to pack our garage as painless as possible– as we focus on sorting and organizing tangible things, others sometimes remain in the furthest corners of our mind. That’s where we need to take precautions, as something seemingly insignificant >utilities< can affect our moving greatly and create unnecessary havoc. No need to worry, though! Just follow these simple steps and learn how to transfer utilities when moving. – and you’ll be rejoicing with a chilled glass of champagne in no time. (accent on chilled) Continue reading “How to Transfer Utilities when moving”

How to pack liquids for moving?

“How am I supposed to get that bulky couch through the door and into the truck? It sure appeared less colossal back then. And, the kitchen, where does one even start? Are my plants going to make it?” These are all legitimate questions once you realize you’re way behind your packing schedule and the panic starts setting in. To ease your disquiet, here are some good news; as monumental as these tasks may appear (and they truly are), the vast majority of your worldly possessions will make it to your new destination, no matter how clumsily or inadequately you pack them. A few bumps here and there on the road can’t do them much harm. But, here’s the unexpected part  – if you are considering taking liquids with you, it might be the most elaborate and time-consuming thing you’re bound to experience during packing season. To ensure a successful (and SAFE!) transportation, here’s a guide on how to pack liquids for moving purposes. Continue reading “How to pack liquids for moving?”

Mentally prepare for moving – how and why?

Moving can be a huge step forward, and it takes quite a bit of bravery to decide to attempt it. And exciting as it is, it is still a demanding endeavor that requires time and energy. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get a handle on the challenge of moving is to hire professional movers NJ to aid you. By doing so, you can scratch off tasks such as packing, heavy lifting, labeling boxes etc. While expert movers take care of all this for you, you can take your time to mentally prepare for moving. And trust us, this is something everyone needs. Continue reading “Mentally prepare for moving – how and why?”

How to properly prepare for a nationwide move

Moving is one of those tasks that require a bit more than simply deciding to do it and start packing a day before. In fact, it is one of the more challenging processes and endeavors that people spend weeks and even months planning. As a rule of thumb, the longer the moving distance, the more time you need to invest in the preparation process. Hence, to help you in this process, today we touch on the subject of how best to prepare for a nationwide move. Continue reading “How to properly prepare for a nationwide move”

Hire Moving Companies To Have Your Pets Moved Safely


Regardless of the fact how you transport your pets, whether it is by car or airplane, you need to make the proper arrangements first, just as you did while considering and selecting a skilled and professional cross country moving company.

Once you have planned the move, the first thing to do is to take your pet to the veterinarian. A signed health certificate is necessary if you are taking your pet via plane due to rules and regulations that most states have. Also, ask your veterinarian to implant an identification chip in your pet because several airlines require this process.

cross country moving companies

If you are moving to another state, check its requirements for the import of animals. Even if your pet is traveling with you by car, it’s best to have them checked by your veterinarian. Due to regional health risks such as heartworm, it is important you educate yourself about the location you are moving to.


Cats are very sensitive and always prefer to be in an acquainted environment. On the other hand, dogs have the habit of adjusting more easily to moving, than cats. For both cats and dogs, sticking to the routine after the move is very important. Maintaining the same schedule for treats, grooming and bedtime will help your pets adjust quickly.

Before The Move: Preparing Your Pets – The first step to take to prepare your cat for moving day is by making her/him adjust to a pet carrier. No matter how near, or far you are moving, a pet carrier will be the safest place for them. If he/she has never been in a carrier, introduce the idea slowly. Start by putting a blanket and cat/dog treats inside, leave the door open, and make the experience a positive one.

Once he/she is comfortable with the carrier, the next step is to familiarize him/her with car travel. Initially, you can take him/her for 5-10-minute rides, and then extend it to longer 20-minute rides.

In the case of dogs, consider taking them to a new neighborhood for walks before you move in. While you’re packing, try not to isolate your dog in a dog crate. Instead, include him/her while you pack and move boxes, allowing them to investigate the activity.

Know The Law – Most states have laws regarding the importation of dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, and some are more onerous than others. Many states inspect the pet at the border or ask to see health certificates. Contact the Animal Control Commission for the city or town you’ll be living in to determine what documents will be needed and for information on getting licenses for your pets.

Get The Check-Up Done – Depending on the mode of your travel, and where you’re planning to move to, you require certain documents relating to your pet’s health. Hence, scheduling an appointment with your veterinarian to get everything in order is very important. The most commonly needed documents are Proof of Rabies Vaccination and Health Certificate.


Airlines generally transport animals in the cargo compartment of a plane. In doing so, the airlines advise the flight crew that animals are onboard the aircraft. Some airlines allow passengers to carry their pets in the cabin of a plane if the animals are capable of fitting under the passenger’s seat.

How to Ensure A Safe Airline Trip For My Pet?

  • Avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer.• Avoid peak travel periods when delays and stopovers are longer.
  • While making reservations inform the airline directly.
  • Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to spare.
  • If you are sending your pet through the cargo system, you’ll need to go to the cargo terminal, usually located in a separate part of the airport.
  • Put a cushion or blanket on the crate floor. Attach a water cup to the crate door.
  • On the day of the flight, take your dog for a long walk before leaving for the airport.
  • At the end of your trip, pick up your pet promptly.


Birds are the most of all creatures and much more sensitive when it comes to change, so moving can be particularly stressful for them. However, if planned properly you can minimize the troubling changes in your bird’s world. A lot depends on how you will transport your birds, by airplane or by car. As with dogs and cats, bus lines and trains do not accept pets. For the safety and comfort of your birds, traveling by car is the best option. This is not always possible. That is why most airlines allow birds to be flown with owners in the cabin or in the cargo hold.

Regardless of how you transport your birds, you should have them checked by a veterinarian and obtain health certificates. This is because some states require health certificates. Even if you are traveling through or to a state that doesn’t, it’s better to have the documents, for no other reason than to show proof of ownership.

Traveling By Car – Birds usually enjoy car travel, especially if they can see out the windows. If you choose to get different carriers for the trip, make sure to get them at least a month before you travel. Have your birds spend time in the new carriers or cages so they become used to them.

Tips To Moving With Your Birds

  • Bring your bird’s regular food and water. Changes can cause intestinal issues.• Bring your bird’s regular food and water. Changes can cause intestinal issues.
  • Have a good quality cooler to keep fruits and vegetables.
  • Birds are very sensitive to temperature, so make sure the car’s air conditioning and heating is operating properly before you leave.
  • Birds should travel in the backseat with their carriers belted in.
  • Try to avoid using water while in the car. Instead, bring fruit such as cucumbers or citrus.

If you are planning a cross country move along with the flurry member of your family, consider using a professional moving company. If you are planning to relocate, see if you can negotiate having your company pay to have your pets moved safely. Moving companies are not allowed to transport pets. When considering professional cross country moving companies, you can ask if they work with or can help you in getting in touch with the airlines and completing all the necessary paperwork. Their skilled team handles everything efficiently from picking up your pet at home to delivering it to your new destination.

How to Choose the Best Corporate Movers and Packers for Secure and Safe Relocation

The relocation process today in New Jersey is becoming easier compared to the previous years. It is because there are corporate movers and packers companies like Moving of America, nowadays which helps people to relocate from New Jersey who has the ability to handle commercial, residential, long distance and local moves.

Our goal is to provide excellent services when it comes to handling your precious cargo such as: office equipment, outdoor equipment, fitness and sport equipment, instruments, collections, antiques belongings, small to large furniture and other valuable things you want to relocate. Due to this excellent services, lots of people find it as best way where they can move their things safe and secure and can move out from New Jersey with great ease.

corporate movers and packers

However, before you start to hire for the services of corporate movers and packers services, there are things you need to consider for you to achieve the real safety.

Here are some certain parameters you can consider to choose for the best corporate movers and packers company:

  • Price. This is one of the important thing you need to consider before you hire for the corporate movers and packers. Since the price of their services will depend to the volume of your things, you need to ensure that the moving company provides you the right quotation about their services and price. In case you find a company that offers lower cost for their service, it will not guarantee you standard and quality services. Therefore, take some of your time to compare their quotations before hiring them.
  • Insurance and license. Another thing you need to consider is their insurance which is their key tool to ensure that they will take care your belongings. Good corporate movers and packers can cover everything that they will move and offers you terms and conditions for their services. Thus, learning that your company is licensed, you will have peace in your mind that they will not run away your things.
  • Visit their office. In order for you to officially close the deal and have it seal, you can visit the office of your corporate movers and packers company. Through this process, you can ensure that you will achieve all the needed information you need and make you satisfied with their standards. Aside from this, you will also learn their strategy, where you can analyze your own estimate about your valuable possessions.
  • Be aware of hidden cost. There are some companies that run their business through promotional and fake agenda. Therefore, you need to make yourself aware about it and avoid to become their victim regarding their hidden cost that will become burden for you in the future.

Considering all of these things will ensure you that you will find the best corporate movers and packers that you can trust and rely on. But to help you find the best corporate movers and packers company, Moving Of America Inc., will be the best option for you that serves professionally to the entire area of the tri-state.

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