Guide to packing fitness equipment for relocation

Moving soon? Then you are probably wondering about how you are going to pack and ship all your belongings. You probably found a good moving company that will take care of the shipping. But packing is a different story. It requires a lot of time and patience. Especially when it comes to packing fitness equipment for relocation. Those are all heavy objects that need to be properly protected. And even more important, properly secured so they don’t damage your other items. 

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Tips to avoid bad housing in NJ

Choosing the right house is a great concern to everyone who’s planning to move. It is not just the budget or location that cause the issue but also the quality of the property. If a person lacks adequate experience and knowledge, he could easily oversee the problems and have a hard time to avoid bad housing in NJ. So, if moving to New Jersey is your next step, we strongly suggest you take everything into consideration before you make a final decision. To make it easier for you, we’ve decided to give you a hand and prepare you better for the upcoming home search. Continue reading “Tips to avoid bad housing in NJ”

Pros and cons of hiring short-distance movers?

Moving takes a lot of time and energy. It doesn’t matter if you are moving long-distance or nearby. You have to plan everything, hire some help and pack all of your belongings. It’s an exhausting activity. Hiring short-distance movers seems like a great solution for it. You get professionals who will handle most of the relocation process for you. But, there are both good and bad sides of hiring movers. And here are some of them. Then, you can decide for yourself whether that is a good solution for you or not.  Continue reading “Pros and cons of hiring short-distance movers?”

Moving in bad weather – good or bad?

Moving is complex enough without having to account for bad weather. And once you put it into the equation, there are some obvious obstacles to moving in bad weather. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to postpone your move. There are many things that you can do to remedy the situation. Here is a breakdown of some of the most common bad weather conditions that occur during relocations. As well as some actions that you can take to make sure that your move is a successful one. Continue reading “Moving in bad weather – good or bad?”

Tips for keeping your home clean while moving

Moving can be a complex and difficult task to fulfill. This is why most people find it so stressful that they decide to turn to expert movers East Rutherford NJ. However, what most people fail to understand is just how messy moving can get. And this is not something you want to waste time on afterwards. But once again, Moving of America is here for you. We are here to provide you with the best tips for keeping your home clean while moving. Bear with us and save yourself time and energy that you would spend cleaning. Continue reading “Tips for keeping your home clean while moving”

Planning the layout of your new home

So, you’ve bought or rented a new home and are looking forward to relocation. Good for you! Bear in mind, however, that moving from one home to the other is an exhausting project. And although most of our tips and guidelines connect to the aspect of moving, there are times when we focus on other aspects as well. Today is one such day when we will look more towards what comes before the actual relocation. And that is the matter of planning the layout of your new home. Trust us, when you are planning on relocating to New Jersey (or any other location for that matter), this is something you want to take care of. And we are here to offer some advice on the topic. Continue reading “Planning the layout of your new home”

Organizational methods for moving your home

Moving an entire household is rarely an easy endeavor. That moment when you look at the back of a moving truck and see your entire life packed inside… It can be quite terrifying. However, that is why you have our professional residential movers NJ to call to the rescue. After all, why would anyone want to waste time and energy on physical labors that professionals can handle for them? And all this at affordable rates and in a short time frame. However, there are things that you can do to ensure the success of your relocation. And so we come to today’s topic – the top organizational methods for moving your home. Continue reading “Organizational methods for moving your home”

Home Office Move

Packing your home office can be like moving a room full of fragile items.  With files and other important documents, an office is something you want packed correctly.

Your home office is one of the most important place in your home because this is where you are keeping your working documentation, where you’re working, and also probably the place where you sort out the bills, checks, monthly payments due, etc.


Here are our office moving packing tips.

Home Office – Preparation

The first thing that you will need to do is buy some book boxes.  You need to be sure to get the right moving supplies for our office move. Documentation and office equipment are all heavy so look for sturdy boxes. Ask the moving company to provide you with some office packing supplies. It’s good to have the office packing boxes, tape, paper, etc. before you begin to pack. Decide if you want to do it yourself or call a moving company. If you’re planning on packing home office on your own start early. As soon as you know everything your are taking in your office start packing immediately.  You want to have everything ready by the time your move day arrives.  It’s recommended that you take out all the content of your office desk and any other furniture that you may have in your office.

If the movers pack for you, you can relax and just guide the process. Movers can handle packing your office much more quickly than you naturally because of their experience and professionalism in the packing.

Don’t keep very old archives or useless papers. They’ll just put on more weight on the boxes for which you have to pay the transportation. Be sure to throw away all useless paper work or archives to minimize your cost.

Make sure to label all your document boxes in alphabetical or chronological order, or in another way convenient for you.

When packing books don’t overload the boxes. Boxes can get really heavy real fast when putting books inside them. You should try and distribute the books evenly by placing a few books in a box and filling the rest of the box with lighter items.

Packing the home office books in large boxes will make them difficult to carry for the movers and may cost you additional charges. Never place any glass or fragile items in a box that is carrying books.  Always place books upright or on their side depending on the box and size of the books.

Try to always keep in mind that the box need to balanced.  Placing large and heavy books upright or on the sides can severely damage them.

Tricks to bump up prices

When you start a moving service your quote may be a lot lower then your final bill.  Here are a few reasons why.Utilities: Whenever you start up a moving service, you’ll discover you need to pay for additional fees depending on the company.  Some companies will charge you additional fees for the equipment used along with the fuel charge that can come unexpectedly.

long distance moving companies

Some companies will give you hidden costs for almost everything. A full moving service contains within it packing and the materials. The full packing material and packing service should be included when dealing with these kinds of services. However, this service may not always include the final cost to the end result of your move. Many moving companies tell you that the moving service are free when indeed they are included in the final estimate which will also leave you subject to other fees. They will charge you additional fees for having extra boxes along with doing extra crating. Usually companies tell you that the item that you have may need extra packing along with extra materials to keep it protected. They may want to keep your business so they will not add it at first but give you the fee later on during the day.

They may also get you with the moving insurance. When you sign your bill of landing, you automatically get basic coverage. called valuation) from $0.30 to $0.60/lbs for items. Some may charge you for this separately as a hidden fee. Others Many coffer Full Value Protection this is ultimate moving insurance that guarantees reinstatement and replacement valuation for damages and missing items. Always remember that it will cost more money to do this moving insurance.

Some moving companies will charge you extra for the packing that you had done for the boxes.  They may change you more money of over sized boxes as well as unexpected moving cost. Another moving cost can spring up once there are pool tables and motorcycles, wall units and pianos.  All these extra large items can be used to bump up your final moving quote.

Getting Ready To Sell A Home

Getting ready to place your home on the vast market is not something that needs to be expensive.  On the contrary, it should be project that should not be forgotten.  When the time comes to selling your home there should always be a plan that needs to be put into practice as soon as you decide to sell your home.

The first step that should be taken is always the building block to set a successful project.  Always keep in mind that your plan should be centered around a budget and the advice given to you from your real estate professional who should have experience in knowing what improvements need to be made in order to make your house as appealing as possible for potential buyers.

One of the most important aspects of selling a home is the work you put into cleaning it up. Think of the house as though it’s going out on a date with a new customer every single time one arises.  You wouldn’t go out on a date looking dirty and smelling used.  Odds are, you will be well dressed and putting on your best smile.  Well in this case the home needs to be well dressed and given a fresh smile. A clean home is appealing to a potential buyer.  In your budget if you are able to afford it, you should add a professional cleaning service to come and clean your home.  Most times. people tend to try and clean their homes themselves and because of its familiarity they forget certain places that need to be cleaned.  Paying attention to details is one of the most important parts of being a great real estate agent and home seller.

Making sure that you recognize the response to the first impression is key.  When dealing with buyers being aware of the first impression is one of the most important statistical facts you can acquire.  Positive first impressions will eventually lead to potential buys more times than not.  Whenever you get a customer that is not very positive at first and seems to be uninterested be sure to ask him or her what they didn’t like or what can be improved to attract more customers.

Using your checklist be sure to mark down all the things that you feel need to be repaired and things that need to be changed/modified, repaired or moved.  Perhaps you want to paint a room, or change the tile, be sure to add those costs into your budget and become very accurate when dealing with your numbers.

When dealing with where you should start cleaning up and fixing we advise everyone to always start on the outside.  First impression is key, and if the outside of the house is appealing the chances of them buying the home skyrockets.  If you think that something on the house is too expensive to fix odds are the buyer will too.  Make sure that while working on your budget you fix the most important things first. Customers are less likely to pay for something expensive then a few things that don’t cost much at all.

Always keep in mind, when dealing with a house the first thing people will see is your lawn.  Put yourself in the position of the buyer.  Does the house look appealing to you? Does it give you a sense of security and stability for you and your family.

Always ask yourself:

  1. Is the lawn in good condition and is it trimmed?
  2. Are the passage ways to front door clear and clean?
  3. Do I have any evidence of prior pets laying around?
  4. Are there any shrubs or tress that may cause potential damage to the house?
  5. Is the front door painted, doorbell working and brass lock polished?
  6. Are all the windows clean?
  7. Are the lights working?
  8. Would I pay the asking price for this home?

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