We Know How to Disassemble, Crate and Move Your Pool Table Carefully & Safely:
Disassembling, crating and moving a pool table can be an enormous amount of work. Most professional moving companies know that moving a pool or billiard table takes quite a bit of training, comprehensive experience and specialized expertise.

Our professional furniture specialists have extensive experience in disassembling and reassembling pool or billiard table, and know how to protect, move and transport all sizes and types of pool or billiard table. When we move your pool or billiard table, our utmost concern is taken into consideration to avoid that the crafted fragile wooden pieces will not be chipped or the slate, usually made from stone, will not cracked during the move and staging process. When moving heavy and bulky items like pool or billiard table in narrows stairs or in tight spaces, we know exactly how to plan a successful move to avoid problem and to complete the move as quickly and as safely as possible, to provide you the quality service you expect.


We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded:
We are licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation for New York “local” intrastate moves (License No. T-38444), licensed by the New Jersey Board of Movers and Warehousemen for New Jersey “local” intrastate moves (License No. 39 PC 000966), and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for “long distance” interstate moves (US DOT license No. 1601312, MC 592337).


We Have the Special Equipment and Manpower to Move your Heavy Pool Table:
After disassembling, crating and moving your pool or billiard table into its new location, the assembly that required connecting the felt to lie correctly on the table surface is special and required knowledge and experience. Just to move the heavy sheets of slate, we assign to each pool or billiard table four professional movers.

We use heavy-duty dollies and specially designed appliances and hand-trucks to move the tables to avoid the slightest bumps that can knock the sheets out of the alignment. Just a slight adjustment or tiny move of the table can risk damage. Taking apart and putting the slate back together presents a unique alignment challenge that requires an acute understanding of wood furniture. After completing your pool table move, we align the slate with precision to the perfect level, and balance it to the highest standard that occasionally players enjoy and essential for professional players.


Need Storage for Your Pool or Billiard Table?
It’s ok. Moving of America has the solution for you.  With our convenient and cost-effective residential storage units and containers, you have the freedom to make a smart decision.  We know you love your pool table. Nevertheless, you also love your space. Now you don’t have to choose. Let us store your belongings safely and efficiently, while you enjoy that extra breathing room.


Climate Controlled Storage Unit:
If you need specialized storage, we can customize storage units and make storage solutions designed specifically for individuals needs. Our professional storage managers are experts in devising the perfect storage plan tailored to your specific requests.


We Can Store Any Size or Weight:
We have special areas in our storage facility for large items such as pool and billiard table, pianos, very long sofas, tall artwork or big sculptures. Don’t cram them in a small room or storage unit. We will create or wrap for maximum protection, tag inventoried and stored in our climate controlled warehouse.


We are Local:
We are conveniently located at 1000 Main Avenue, Clifton, NJ 07011. You are welcome to stop by in person to discuss your upcoming pool or billiard table move.

When you need to move your pool table in NYC or NJ call us at 201.862.8000 and receive free moving quote or schedule a free in-home consultation. You will be glad you did.

Call us for a free long distance moving estimate or request a quote online. 888-All-Move