Be prepared:
Being well prepared for a move can help prevent damages and keep your cost down. We suggest preparing a suitcase or box with essentials to get you through your move. This may include:

• Medications

• Bottled water

• Snacks

• Hygienic supplies


You should keep all personal belongings with you:
Your irreplaceable and intrinsic items should be kept with you throughout the move. Keep them close to establish peace of mind.

• Jewelry

• Important documents

• Licenses and certificates

• Degrees

• Family heirlooms

• Checkbooks

• Passports


All liquid items tend to seep:
These items should either be tossed or moved with you, as they tend to seep. One broken or leaky bottle can cause a great deal of damage. Securing your household goods and avoiding damages, we recommend minimizing the amount of liquid items on your move.

• Soda

• Wine

• Oil

• Vinegar

• Toilet items


Fragile items should be packed by professional:
We have the knowledge, experience and quality materials to safely pack or crate your delicate electronics and your fragile items, providing them the maximum protection.

• Televisions

• Stereo equipment

• Computers

• Paintings

• Marble

• Artwork

• Glass

• Mirrors


Furniture with drawers:
Drawers should be emptied prior to your move and contents should be packed in boxes.

• Dressers

• Cabinets

• Closets

• Desk with Drawers

• File Cabinets

• Night Stands

• Chests

• Tables with Drawers


Use the correct box:
Packing the heavy items in small boxes and the lighter items in a larger box makes the move safe and easy to handle. Packing the wrong items in the incorrect box size, or overfilling a boxes will make it heavy and very difficult to move, increasing the probability of damage.

• Books

• CDs

• Records

• Knick knacks

• Personal files

• Cloth & Shoes

• Linen & Towels

• Lamps & Curtains

• Pillows and Blankets


China or dish box items include:
These durable boxes are manufactured with double walls of corrugated paper that makes them stronger. China boxes are specifically made larger, allowing to be filled with a good amount of crumpled packing paper and bubble wrap for maximum protection.

• Dishes

• Vases & Bowls

• Pans & Pots

• Crystal

• China


Custom crates:
Poor packing is the most common cause of damage during a move. The safe transportation of fragile and delicate items depends on how they are packed. Here at Moving of America, we offer professional packing services, making use of the right box, cardboard or wooden, depending on each individual item. The proper packing materials will be used to cushion and protect the contents in order to ensure a safe trip. When you trust your move into our care, you save yourself valuable time, and unforeseen costs that you do not deserve. We take pride in our unmatched expertise in this area.


Wooden crates:
For items that require extra protection, a wooden crate (box) may be essential to ensure easy move and safe delivery. Delicate articles include:

  • Marble
  • Glass tabletops or shelves
  • Paintings
  • Antiques
  • Piano

If wood crates are needed, please notify your moving advisor prior to the day of the move. Our professional team will measure, wrap and pack your fragile items, filling the custom-sized crates with poly chip and bubble wrap to ensure a safe transport. Wood crates can be expensive and might be subjected to bug inspections; therefore, Moving of America offers wood free crates as beneficial alternative option. In addition Moving of America offers customized crates upon request:

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