Local Tri-State Eviction Movers

Moving of America are one the most reliable and honest eviction movers offering an all inclusive packaging services that fits every different eviction. Our MoveView Packages offers the client to be in control of how they would like for the eviction move to happen. All of our moves include your first month of eviction storage for free.


Moving of America will be there for you:

Regardless when you are moving and where you are moving to the moving advisor that has been appointed to you will be there for you the whole day. Our moving advisors understand that eviction moves are stress full. We try to be in contact throughout the whole eviction move as well as eviction storage that you might need.


We have the licenses and insurances:

We posses the appropriate licenses and insurances to conduct local and long distance moves from New Jersey. This allows us to to be eviction movers in New Jersey since we have the licenses to complete such jobs. We are also government contractors so regardless of your need we can supply it all.

Eviction Movers

How exactly do eviction moves happen?

The beginning to every eviction move is to have the local sheriff department supervise as we gain access to the house. Once we have legal access to move the items out we start our job.

What if the house during an eviction ends up being empty?

We have a minimum for how long we must work. This all depends on what you have arranged with our moving advisors. Please contact us for further assistant.

When is the best time for an eviction move?

The best time for local eviction moves would be during the middle of the month as less people are moving. This allows you to guarantee an arrival time regardless if it is in the morning, afternoon, or even night time.

How are eviction moves priced out?

In order for us to price out an eviction move we refer to the amount of bedrooms the house has and compare that to the square feet of the house. We also check local websites such as Zillow to give us a better picture of the property.

What if I need to store my items in storage?

We offer the first month for free for eviction moves in the tri-state area. So you dont have to worry about a place to take the items out of the house to since we can store them in-house.