Storage Tips & Advice from your Local Moving Company


Storage just got easier! Here are a few helpful storage tips …

When you move or your office is being temporarily renovated and you have an excess of things, storage is the best option. Moving of America can provide you exceptional personal storage, business storage and document storage services. We store your goods and documents in a clean, climate controlled, organized and secure fashion, ensuring that your items are in a safe place.

Our warehouse storage facility is a technologically advanced inventory system that allows us to know exactly where your goods are for safekeeping. Our warehouse is fully secured with fire and theft protection systems.

However, prior to renting a storage unit, you should know how to prepare your belongings for storing.


Buy the packing materials: Moving of America is unlike any other moving & storage facilities. If you use us for your moving services we will blanket all your property and keep the blankets with your belongings when transitioning into our storage vicinity, free of charge. Moving of America will also provide you boxes, free of charge!

It is always good to know other tips to save you money and time. As you begin the packing process you want to ensure you have packing materials such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, cardboard boxes of various sizes, tape, sharpie markers, and other tools and equipment required to dismantle the appliances and furniture, if needed. To save some money you can use items in the house, like clothes, blankets, and sheets to wrap up your items.

We also recommend creating an inventory list for yourself of all the items that you are packing. If you want to be a superstar you can take pictures and create a storage archive.


Use stackable boxes: It is always advised to use stackable boxes as it is much easier to arrange them. Pack the heavier items in smaller boxes because they can hold up the weight inside and are easier to transfer. For lighter things like curtains, you can use larger boxes. While storing them place heavier and stronger items first and lighter & unbreakable things on top. Make sure to label every single box.


Glassware & dishes: For better protection, always pack glassware individually. Wrap each glass, dish, cup, etc. in packing paper or bubble wrap. For dishes and other breakable items, use special dish packing boxes. Wrap each plate individually in at least one layer of bubble wrap then stand it on the edge of the cardboard box.


Use Cushioning for Chinaware: While packing glassware and chinaware, always make sure to use a lot of cushioning at the bottom of the box as well as above the items. Be careful not to place heavy items on your fragile things even if everything is well protected. It is highly recommended to stack the fragile things you have at the top of the storage unit.


Disassemble the Electronics: It is much easier to move and store electronics if they are disassembled. Appliances like a refrigerator or freezer should be stored clean and dry. It is recommended that you leave the door slightly open to let air circulate and prevent mold. For other appliances, the doors should be closed.


Disassemble the Furniture: Disassemble the furniture. Pack your mattresses into a mattress bag or use a mattress cover. Use drawers, shelves and the drawers inside furniture to arrange more things. A chest of drawers is also appropriate for small and light items.


Record & Document Storage: While storing business files, leave a walkway down the center of your unit to make access to your belongings easier. If you need specialized storage, we can customize your document storage unit to make storage solutions designed specifically for your particular needs. We are equipped to provide you with the highest quality.


Other Tips: When you pack your belongings when preparing to transfer it all to storage, make sure to leave out all valuables like jewelry, significant photographs, and other sentimental items. These items should always be with you, even if they are insured, you do not want to take a chance. You also want to make sure to leave out anything that is flammable, food and liquids.



Moving of America provides top of the line storage services

Whether you want to store household furniture or office equipment, you can trust Moving of America to pick up, store and deliver your goods, as needed. We use a state of the art technology tracking system to accurately label and trace all of your household and commercial goods. Storage access is available by appointment only. Our movers are here to assist you as well!

Moving of America provides insurance for storage services to protect your contents against damage and theft. We can also help you dispose, recycle, or donate your items to minimize your cost and save you time and money.

If you need a storage unit to keep your possessions before, during or after a move, contact us today! Don’t wait! Come to our office at 1000 Main Avenue Clifton, NJ 07011 or call us at 201-862-800!

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