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You can clear the space to work for you:
Moving of America provides safe and secure, climate controlled residential storage units on either a short or a long-term basis. We have the most flexible storage spaces at the price you can afford. Some people may not think of Moving of America as a storage company. The truth is that no other company is better equipped to provide you with the highest quality, local storage services.


We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded:
Moving of America is licensed, insured and bonded. We are licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation for New York “local” intrastate moves (License No. T-38444), licensed by the New Jersey Board of Movers and Warehousemen for New Jersey “local” intrastate moves (License No. 39 PC 000966), and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for “long distance” interstate moves (US DOT license No. 1601312, MC 592337).

Our storage facility is conveniently located in Clifton New Jersey, and accessible with driving doors and loading docks, with a Forklift on site for quick loading and offloading. Whether your new home is not ready, or you need to make room for newer items, new family members, selling, or donating, wasting your belongings is not always the best option.

Moving of America has the solution for you. With our convenient and cost-effective residential storage units and containers, you have the freedom to make a smart decision. We know you love your things. Nevertheless, you also love your space. Now you don’t have to choose. Let us store your belongings safely and efficiently, while you enjoy that extra breathing room.


Our flexible personal storage solutions include:

  • Residential storage containers
  • Storage in transit
  • Fine art storage
  • Staging storage for interior designers


We can customize storage units:
If you need specialized storage, we can customize storage units and make storage solutions designed specifically for individuals needs. Our professional storage managers are experts in devising the perfect storage plan tailored to your specific requests.


We can store any size or weight:
We have special area in our storage for large items such as pianos, very long sofas, tall artwork, pool tables or big sculptures. Don’t cram them in a small room or storage unit. We will create or wrap for maximum protection, tag inventoried and stored in our climate controlled warehouse.


We make itemized inventory of every item:
Keep record of your precious belongings with an itemized inventory of everything moved into storage. Moving of America maintains a detailed record and colored inventory tagging of your items so that they will always be readily available for recovery purposes and maximum accuracy. Furthermore, It’s makes it easy for you to remember what you keep in storage.


You pack or we pack for you:
As a full service moving and storage company, we can pack everything or you can pack and we’ll do the move. Our full time, experienced movers will come to your home with specialized air ride truck and professional equipment. They will disassemble and padded wrap your furniture, pack and box your clothing and dishes, move, load, drive and offload your belongings into storage.


Your storage access:
Do you want to bring back the special artwork or giant sculpture you stored? It’s ok. If you need to access your storage just contact us to schedule your access. Storage access is available by an appointment. You don’t need to bribe your friends to come help you carry this heavy piece. A pro mover will assist you to carry, load and secure it to your vehicle and the cost is only $20 per ½ hour.


You move or we move for you:
Additionally, Moving of America is quick to deliver your goods. You can call us to schedule delivery of specific items from your inventory list. Our crew will deliver them at a convenient time for you.

If you need personal storage within the next few days, weeks or months, decide on a storage company you can trust. Moving of America provides you with the service you need at a price you can afford.

When your storage day approaches, call us at 201.862.8000 and receive your free storage estimate in NYC or NJ. You will be glad you did.

Call us for a free long distance moving estimate or request a quote online. 888-All-Move