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Moving of America can move your medical business or office in one weekend or less.


Knowledge & Extensive Experience:
Medical office moving is a highly specialized field that requires knowledgeable personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and precise planning. Moving of America performs many medical business relocation services annually. We routinely move leading medical offices with an outstanding level of quality service. Using our extensive experience in moving medical offices and business, allows us to help save you time and money.


We are Licensed, Insured and Bonded:
Moving of America is licensed, insured and bonded. We are licensed by the New York State Department of Transportation for New York “local” intrastate moves (License No. T-38444), licensed by the New Jersey Board of Movers and Warehousemen for New Jersey “local” intrastate moves (License No. 39 PC 000966), and licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for “long distance” interstate moves (US DOT license No. 1601312, MC 592337).


We make sure that you and your employees will focus on your patients:
Like you, we know that one of the main costs of moving a medical or doctors office is the loss in productivity of staff members involved in planning and coordinating the relocation process. Therefore, we make sure that you and your employees will focus on your patients.

The success of a medical office move is largely attributed to a complete relocation strategy. Moving of America has a detailed system for estimating, planning and managing a medical business move project, which leads us to success. We have the resources and knowledge to move your medical office safely and securely:

  • We assign a dedicated relocation manager that will be well familiar with all the specific aspects of your move. Your single contact person will be available to you before, during and after the move.
  • We perform a personal survey with you or your representatives in your business, to make sure we have the required information to meet all special building conditions and requirements. (Best access points, usage, size and time of elevators or stairway, trucks parking, loading and off loading areas, special restrictions, town requirements etc.)
  • We make a comprehensive and detailed list of all medical equipment, computers, special beds, boxes, files, furniture and special items to be moved
  • We present you a pre-move-planning and coordinating your relocation from start to finish
  • We provide the optimal numbers and types of trucks, drivers, movers, packers, tools, equipment and materials
  • We give you a detailed, guaranteed price, to minimize expenses and maximize productivity around your budget.


We avoid common problems:
Utilizing our relocation strategy, we make sure to avoid common problems caused by using poorly planned, less professional business movers. We have the ability and capability to move hundreds of items while keeping each and every one of them perfectly organized.

Improperly packing, disorganized files, poor labeling or tagging, and rough moving techniques, can result in missing or damaged items and furniture, and will create a chaos that will hurt your business. Thus, choosing the best moving company to move your business or office is an important decision that can affect your day- to-day operations and will reflect on your bottom line profit.

We take pride in safeguarding your items and moving your business in the most efficient way possible. We make sure that only the physical items of your business are moved and that everything else will remain the same.


Moving of America is your best choice for value:
Moving of America has evolved into a full-service medical corporate relocation partner that offers a comprehensive suite of moving services.


We provide a wide range of premium services, adding value to your move:

  • Floor plans and color coding, detailed inventory tagging
  • Disassembly and reassembly of equipment, workstations, standard desks and furniture
  • Hoisting and handling of bulky, oversize, overweight and specialty items
  • Installation of new furniture and modular workstations
  • Packing & unpacking of medical equipment, filing systems, libraries and supply rooms
  • Packing and unpacking of computers, printers and servers
  • Wood crating of fragile medical equipment, artwork, antiques and high value furniture
  • Charity or disposal for surplus office furniture, equipment or items
  • Secure, private, climate controlled storage facility


No matter how big or small is your medical business is:
Whether you own or manage a hedge fund with sophisticated trading platforms, a medical office with expensive equipment, professional office with executive furniture or modular workstations with standard office furniture and file cabinets, you can trust our experienced, skilled professionals to have the knowledge and resources to suit your specific needs.

If your business is planning an upcoming move within the next few days, weeks or months, decide on a moving company you can trust. Moving of America provides you with the service you need at a price you can afford.

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