New Jersey Commercial Movers

We understand that moving a business is a large investment for any company. We also understand that a business’ moving needs are substantially different from those of a homeowner.

Our success as a commercial moving company in New Jersey is due to our thorough, comprehensive commercial moving planning method. One of the largest losses a business incurs during a move is the loss of productivity within the company. However, with our commercial relocation strategy, we work with you to ensure that minimal time and resources are spent on the move itself.

A successful commercial relocation is in the details of the move itself. We avoid common moving problems and costs by planning each move thoroughly and working alongside you to meet your needs. We begin the process by providing you with a relocation manager who will handle the finer details of the move, then list each item that will be moved to ensure that all property is accounted for. We work closely with you in reviewing the best options for your move and provide you with our unique MoveView document, detailing all of the services you will receive and our guaranteed price point.

Moving of America also offers a number of premium services with each move, including inventory tagging and floor plans, workstation assembly and disassembly, and disposal of surplus office furniture. We work tirelessly to ensure that you are satisfied, no matter the size of your business or what your moving requirements might be.

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Standard Offices

We understand the importance of staying on budget and being on time. We make sure that you and your employees will focus on your business.

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Workstations & Cubicles

We designed a detailed system for estimating, planning and managing, which leads us to success and complete customer satisfaction.

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Medical Offices

We can move your medical business in one weekend or less. We are experienced, have the knowledgeable personnel, and state-of-the-art moving equipment.

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Schools & Libraries

We establish an order of operation that fits timing requirements. Our reputable protocols provide faculty administrators efficient service.

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Disposal Liquidation

Let us dispose, sell or donate your surplus furniture, files and equipment. Our Asset Disposition Program can find you the best solution to your liquidation needs.

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Documents Storage

You can clear the space to work for you. We provide safe and secure, climate controlled document storage units on either a short or a long-term basis.

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