Reminder & information, terms & conditions:
After reviewing your Moveview™, make sure to E-sign it to receive your confirmation via email.
Update your moving advisor about any changes to your Moveview™ such as your list of items, optional services, multiple stops, elevator or stair usage, excessive walking or long carry. Undisclosed information or changes to the information on your Moveview™ may incur additional charges.

Some Moveview™ packages may not be available at various locations. Some restrictions may apply. Please ask your moving advisor for more information.

COI & building:
Notify your moving advisor if your building requires a Certificate of Insurance (COI). All certificates issued by us prior to your move date are free. Please note that if a COI is required to be issued or to be modified on your move date, it will result in an administrative fee. Furthermore, remember to secure your move date and elevator time, and ask your building management about any restrictions or special requirements they may have.

The quoted price does not include tips or gratuities for the moving crew. Although most of customers choose to tip between 10% – 20%, the decision about tipping is at the discretion of you.


Unless otherwise specified, you are responsible to obtain the packing materials, pack, and unpack your clothes, linens, books, china, dishes and content of drawers and shelves. Do not pack any item in plastic bags. Glass or marble tops & shelves, mirrors, lamps, electronics & TV’s, must be packed in boxes, cardboard crates or containers. Please pack liquids inside plastic bins not in carton boxes to avoid breakage or leakage. Protect mattresses and box springs using a plastic mattress bag or box for hygienic purposes. Professional packing materials are available on the day of the move and will be at an additional cost.

Physical survey waiver:
Unless provided, in accordance with 49 CFR §375.401(2) you agree to waive a physical survey of the household goods and alternatively agree to receive an estimate which is based upon the information of items to be transported and services to be provided.

Securing parking:
Please arrange a parking space or parking permit at both your pickup and delivery address. Please contact your moving advisor regarding any parking restrictions to avoid parking violations.

Reservation & forms of payment:
This quote is valid for 48 hours and subject to availability. To secure your reservation date & space on the truck, a prepayment of $98 is required at time of reservation, and can be paid by Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Personal Check, Cash, Money Order or Certified Check, and is deducted from the cost of your move. The remaining balance is due upon delivery prior to unloading via Postal Money Order or Cash only. If you would like to pay by credit or debit card, please notify your moving advisor to receive an approval prior to your move date from our Accounting Department. This may carry up to 4.88% convenience fee. If you wish to avoid this fee, you may choose to pay with any of the other acceptable forms of payments. If paid by credit or debit card, the cardholder photo ID and the card must be present for proof verification.

Rescheduling & cancellation:
You can alter your move date as many times as needed and can select new move date, subject to availability. Your payment will be used for your new scheduled move date. If you wish to cancel your move, as a courtesy, we request that you email or fax your cancellation in writing and receive a cancellation confirmation from us. Cancellations made up to seven (7) business days prior to the first original scheduled moving date are eligible for full refund subject to $48 administrative fee. Your prepayment will be non-refundable and will turn into a cancellation fee if we will receive your cancellation notice within seven (7) business days prior to your first original scheduled moving date.

You are responsible to confirm verbally the details surrounding your move with our Preparation Department prior to your move day. Until finalizing your reservation, quote is valid for 48 hours, subject to availability.

Call us for a free long distance moving estimate or request a quote online. 888-All-Move