Moving of America Going Green:
The planet is changing, consciousness is rising, and so are we. In supporting the coming paradigm shift into a much cleaner, healthier lifestyle, Moving of America supports our beautiful earth.

Going Green program initiated to bring awareness both internally and externally to the impacts and initiatives of our business on the environment. Moreover, collectively we can make big changes.

By targeting key areas of environmental impact, Going Green sets forward the framework for us to take action. By improving on performance, we can begin the process to become more environmental friendly.

Going Green reflects the continuous process of moving toward the objective of lessening our impact on the environment. As we achieve our goals and change our behavior, new goals must be set, behavior changed and strategy enhanced so that we are continuously improving.

Over the next years, we will institute many changes. Reducing waste, conserving energy, and recycling are just a few of the subjects we are implementing to keep that positive universal energy streaming in our direction.

With a more sustainable world, we can bring more sustainable solutions.

Moving of America has been transitioning into a paperless workplace. Using electronic billing is a choice we offer. Paperless is great as it saves space and trees.


Accomplishments & Initiatives:

  • Using biodegradable packing materials
  • Switching to Electronic to save paper
  • Employees financial incentive for purchase hybrid cars
  • Incentive for car pool
  • Using fuel efficient vehicles and carbon reduction
  • Cardboard box recycle & re-use program
  • Going Green employee commitment

Moving of America focused on continuous improvement in reducing the impact on the environment. We are committed to conducting business in an environmentally acceptable manner. We will do our very best to fulfill this policy with our employees, suppliers, affiliates, customers and community.

We establish objectives and goals to reduce our environmental impact with our suppliers and affiliates to improve their environmental performance and incorporate the environment as an element of our company’s culture through our Going Green initiative.

Those points are never more evident than when you are packing and unpacking when you move. Many Americans are pack up their households and move. If you are among them, consider environment-friendly move.

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